Wedding in Mary Magdalene Church in Atrani

Getting married in Mary Magdalene Church in Atrani

The Mary Magdalene Church in Atrani dominates the square and is not only the most beautiful and loved symbol of the Amalfi Coast, but also one of the most well known.
The church was built by the inhabitants of Atrani in 1274 on the remains of a medieval castle. They built the church in order to give thanks to Saint Mary Maddalena for having freed them from occupancy by a colony of saracen soldiers.
Over the years the church has undergone important restorations and enlargement especially in the baroque era and the facade is considered the only example of Rococò in the Amalfi Coast. The bell-tower, which dates back to the XVI century, is similar in grace and harmony to that of the Church of Carmine in Naples.
Given the interior of the church and its beautiful natural surroundings, the Maddelena is a favourite among those wanting to get married in the Amalfi Coast.