A wedding celebration just doesn’t happen by chance, it takes months of research and planning. To create the perfect wedding day.

The problem is that you are expected to organise the most important day of your life with little experience at planning a big event.

This problem becomes even even greater if you’re organising a wedding abroad.

If your wedding preparations seem daunting, contact La Calla as your wedding coordinator.

With our vast experience and Amalfi Coast local knowledge, we will assist you in selecting a venue as well as coordinating the entire day for you.

Hiring La Calla Weddings is the perfect solution for couples juggling wedding preparations and careers because our staff will arrange all the details.

This includes taking care of all legal and religious paperwork, booking the church or town hall, booking your venue,

helping with menu choices, sourcing and hiring any necessary equipment and services, booking music and entertainment,

hiring a professional photographer and videographer and ensuring the decorations and table settings are laid out as you first imagined them.

La Calla Weddings can also give you fresh, new ideas on how to theme your wedding in Amalfi Coast

so it will be creative, memorable and, above all, a reflection of your tastes and personalities.

A Special day in honour of the

bride and groom


A wedding day, after all, is simply a special day held in honour of the bride and groom.

Each and every couple is unique and individual, though most weddings follow a traditional timetable.

Sticking to the schedule is important, but thankfully, not the bride and groom’s responsibility: this job is better left to La Calla.

They will design and your wedding day schedule with you.

For each wedding La Calla maps out a very detailed plan of the day,

including times for events such as flower delivery, hair and make up , photographic portraits of the couple, toasts and speeches, even the throwing of the bouquet…and so on.

This detailed planning helps to prevent confusion on the wedding day and ensure

that the whole event runs smoothly

We take the effort and pressure out

of organising a wedding abroad


Our team of professional planners pay attention to every little detail, and are available to offer advice and assistance to each of our clients, day by day.

We believe this is the only way to provide the highest level of personalised services and to organise the unique and important event that is wedding of your dreams and provide.

Moreover, thanks to their excellent working relationships with local service providers and suppliers

La Calla can negotiate to ensure unbeatable offers and prices on your chosen wedding services to provide you with the best possible value for money option.

The La Calla team takes care of all the required services:

civil or religious paperwork, church or town hall and venue booking, stationeries, musical entertainment, photo and video services, beauticians, hairdressers, bridal car and guest transportation, welcome baskets and wedding favours or wedding keepsakes, boat trips, fireworks and so on .

La Calla can arrange every detail of your wedding on the Amalfi Coast, so you can relax and be assured that it will be the most memorable day of your life.

Finally, a wedding coordinator will supervise all service providers and suppliers as they set up on the day of the wedding, to ensure every detail and every stage of the event is just as you requested.

Your coordinator will be with you during your wedding day to ensure the whole event unfolds and runs according to your plans and wishes.