Minori is an attractive and uncrowded seaside town at the centre of a wide cove on the Amalfi Coast. It retains its identity as a laid-back fishing village and remains a gem of the Costiera. It was a resort-like retreat among aristocratic Romans who came for the sunshine and dramatic scenery.

Panoramic Private Villa

Located in the heart of a lemon orchard, with an unparalleled location boasting a panoramic view over the sea, the Villa truly is a magical place. It offers an immersive experience of one of Italy’s greatest treasures: the Amalfi Coast. Whilst having been recently renovated, the villa still maintains its original flooring featuring precious Vietri tiles from the early 19th century and the layout reflects that of a typical manor house of the coast. Outside, the one-of-a-kind panoramic terrace serves as a walkway between sea and sky, an escape  from the hustle of everyday life and the perfect backdrop for your enduring memories.
The villa is available for short or long stays. It can host up to 8 guests, and it is suitable for groups and families with kids. The villa spreads over 400 square meters, including the large terrace, and offers parking for three cars, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen and garden.

The View and Panorama


The Roof Terrace and living room (up to 40 guests)