Minori is an attractive and uncrowded seaside town at the centre of a wide cove on the Amalfi Coast. It retains its identity as a laid-back fishing village and remains a gem of the Costiera. It was a resort-like retreat among aristocratic Romans who came for the sunshine and dramatic scenery.

panoramic four star hotel by the sea

(up to 80 pax)

This Hotel is a little gem set in one of the nicest corner of the Amalfi Coast, where sky and sea blend to give you and your guests a unique emotion.
The rooms, unique in their kind, together with terraces, can meet all your needs.
You can choose between the lovely
Veranda room, the picturesque Terrace overlooking the sea and the refined “Hall of chains” sea view.

The View and Panorama


The Platform by the Sea

The Terrace

arrival by boat


                                                                        Cocktail hour


The Roof Terraces (up to 80 pax)

The Main Daining Room (up to 80 pax)

 The Veranda (up to 50 pax)

After Dinner

                                                                 The Pool and the Rocks