What’s the weather like?
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What’s the weather like?

The most frequent question we get asked is “what’s the weather going to be like on our wedding day?”

Many couples choose the Amalfi Coast for their weddings because of our perfect weather. They start planning their weddings hoping to spend a holiday by the sea enjoying the mild climate of the Coast. Some arrive several days early, to be sure to catch a few of the sun’s rays to achieve the perfect tan so they will look fantastic in their wedding pictures. Despite the Italian proverb, “wet bride, lucky bride”, nobody wants to get married on a cold, rainy day. (Italians have lots of proverbs that turn unfortunate things into “good luck” things… but more on that at a later time.)

So, when is the best time to get married on the Amalfi Coast? Well our obvious answer should be that no one can predict how the weather will be on your wedding day nor guarantee a perfectly warm, sunny day, but we can give you a few tips based on the fact that we have lived here our whole lives.

Spring is amazing. The air is fresh and the breezes carry the scents of wisteria and broom. The sky and the sea meet on the horizon in an unobstructed splash of cobalt blue. All of the gardens have awakened from a grey winter and are all ablaze in color. But… April or May can be a bit risky. You may still get one or two cold or rainy days – especially early in April.

June and September are the most requested months to get married on the Coast – and for good reason. The chance of rain is quite low. The daytime temperatures are just perfect – and a light sweater or jacket in the evenings when sitting on terraces having dinner outdoors, is just ideal.

July and August bring humidity to the Coast – and while the evening are just fabulous, we always feel sorry for the poor groom and groomsmen who chose to wear black suits in the heat of the day.

But… if you are planning a beach wedding – or a wedding on a boat trip followed by an informal reception, you can’t beat July or August. In the summer, the sea and its breezes become your best friends.

The summer is the peak season on the Coast and accommodations are quite expensive. You’ll need to reserve your rooms far in advance – but let us help you find some venues that offer special rates to couples who decide to get married in the summer.

One other month to consider is October. The weather is still warm enough for an outdoor wedding and the whole Coast is far less crowded. (Locals still go to the beach until the beginning of November on the Coast.) During the summer, the Coast tends to get quite crowded, but in the autumn you will be able to experience the slow and lazy lifestyle – as well as the genuine welcoming attitude of the local people. Last, but not less important, is the fact that in the autumn, you will be able to take advantage of many special offers the local vendors provide to couples getting married in the slower season.

As a local planner, we want to suggest one more thing for you to think about…a winter wedding. Many of us locals have gotten married during this season, not only because we are all working hard during the summer and have no time to arrange our big day, but also because November and December are still quite warm on the Coast. You will still frequently see people on the beach – or enjoying the sun at one of the many local cafes in the main square. Of course, you’ll need to choose a venue with a nice indoor dining room – but the chance of a warm sunny day, is quite high.

Finally, a wedding in December is a great opportunity to add a local Christmas touch to your destination wedding.

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