Lighting projections
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Lighting projections

An unusual lighting effect

The use of projections is a non traditional lighting effect that helps to make a memorable dramatic theatrical atmosphere.

You can project any imagery on a wall, ceiling or other surface either from the front or the back, but it works especially well with tents, since the canvas acts perfectly as a blank screen. Of course, keep in mind that you need a good distance between the projector and the screen in order for the image to be clearly seen.

You can project any type of image that you’d like. Family pictures, images of architectural details, a photo of a garden, a river, a sky.

For example, if you project beautiful garden images onto the walls of a tent, the feeling within becomes one of being in the outdoors.

Using this special lighting effect can be among the most wonderful ways to express yourself by highlighting your concept and creating a mood.

Don’t cheat yourself by neglecting the lighting.

Instead, view the use of lights as a wonderful opportunity to be artistic and creative.

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