The ceremony
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The ceremony

The heart of every wedding is the ceremony.

The ceremony

The heart of every wedding is the ceremony.

Each ceremony is unique, open to creativity, imagination, and tradition.

Whether the ceremony follows tradition or a personal script, it will probably include elements of marriage rites.

Knowing about that can inspire ways to adapt the old and traditional elements of the wedding ceremony. These include decorations of the ceremony location; linking symbol like the rings; a civil or religious official who presides; attendant and witnesses.

Among the first aspects of the ceremony to consider are: the religious o civil nature of the service, whom the attendant will be and what the wedding party should wear, how many and which guests to invite and where the ceremony will be held.

Then the bride and groom decide what kind of invitation, programs, how to decorate the place that will only be used for an hour or so; design the bride bouquet and flower for the bridal party.

If the couple decide to have a religious ceremony, it will be performed in a church or in a beautiful garden overlooking the sea, or if it is a civil ceremony in a local town hall.

Once the place of the ceremony has been chosen, the decision whether to exchange vows in a traditional service or to write or select passages should be made.

Most couple decide to follow the traditional wedding mass and start the service by reading the standard form in the prayer book of their denomination; other decide to start the ceremony reading poems and writing their own ceremony.

The architectural elements of a place and the kind of ceremony held there are often connected. Couple who will marry in a church chose a formal traditional ceremony; the decoration in the church and the formal dress of the bride and groom exemplified the mood.

For a couple who will marry in a Town hall a sparely adorned ceremony suited their desire to emphasize the basics.

In traditional Jewish weddings, the Huppah, the wedding canopy under which the bride the bride and groom and the officiant stand, can be both religiously significant and decorative.

Wherever a ceremony is held, it is decorate to welcome and celebrate.

Flowers have always been included , it is hard to imagine a bride without a bride without a bouquet.

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