The wedding day schedule
Settembre 29 , 2017 weddingplanner

The wedding day schedule

The importance of an event time-line

One of the most frequent questions we get from Clients is “when We get a wedding day schedule?”.

Honestly, it’s quite difficult to make a detailed timing of the day, above all when we are at the very early stage of the planning. There are so much information – time and location of the ceremony and reception, number of guests and where they are accommodated, length of photo/video session and so on)-  we need to keep in mind before we can draft the schedule of an event.

Time-lines are important to have but they should be quite flexible. Bride and Groom just have to realize that they have more to do with SEQUENCE than with actual clock hours. If the Best Man’s toast is supposed to last two minutes, but lasts twenty because he had too much to drink at the cocktail hour, no one is going to stop him, if he is funny and making fool of himself. That is all part of the charm of the wedding and everyone will take out their cameras and record every moment of it to embarrass him for years to come.

So now we are 18 minutes behind…. so what? Are we going to cancel the first dance? Probably not…. we just move on to the next item on the list.

So… as wedding planners we just learned to go with the flow and realize the time-line is a guide…. and nothing more. But it does guarantee that nothing is forgotten… We would suggest you just to fill a wedding day schedule out – as best you can – then later on you can erase all the times and still have the correct sequence of events.

Everyone likes having a plan. Whether or not we follow it depends on a variety of items, but knowing we have it, give us comfort.

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